Friday, March 23, 2012

Wicked Game

It's been ages since I've been of course I have to play along.  Eric over at Bubba's Blog has drawn me into a fun little bloggy game.  

The requirements for taking part:
  1. You must post these rules
  2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post
  3. Create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged
  4. Tag eleven people with a link to your post
  5. Let them know you tagged them
So.  The questions I must answer are:

What do you really like that nobody else seems to enjoy at all?
That's kind of a tough one; I don't think any of my interests are all that unique, to be honest.  The one thing that comes to mind is that I truly enjoy spending time alone.  I know that others like that too, but I also know many people who would rather eat dirt than have a quiet evening with nothing but their own thoughts for company.  Yeah, I don't get them any more than they get me.

What thing from childhood (besides youth) do you wish you still had?
Free time.  Enough said.

If you could change just one event in history - what, how and why?
So much pressure here...yikes.  I'll go with my first thought: I would go back to December 8, 1980 and arrange for Mark David Chapman to miss his target.  How?  Ummm...a well-placed banana peel causes him to slip and fire his gun off harmlessly, into the sky.  Why?  Well, I'm not much of one for do-overs - everything I've ever done (good or bad) has made me who I am and I guess I believe the same of our collective history...changing something too major might turn the present into something completely unrecognizable.  But stopping John Lennon's assassination seems harmless enough.

Favourite pizza toppings?
Yay, an easy one!  Mushrooms, green peppers, tomatoes and extra cheese.  Yum!

Favourite alcoholic beverage?
Another easy one.  Beer.  And don't you dare ask me if I want it in a glass.

Place you've never visited but would love to?
Seeing as I haven't really been ANYWHERE, it is darn near impossible to pick just one place.  But since that's all I've been asked for, let's go with Ireland, the land of my ancestors. 

Favourite old movie? 
It's A Wonderful Life.  Seen it a million times, cry like a baby at the end every time. 

Guilty musical pleasure?
Umm.  Okay.  Swear you won't tell anyone? I have a few Black Eyed Peas songs on my iPod.  Yeah, scandalous.  I know it. 

You've won a huge lottery!  Now what?
First - quit my job.  Second - pay off my house.  Third - buy a cottage on a lake somewhere in Northern Ontario. 

Modern convenience you just can't live without?
Indoor plumbing, hands down.  Yeah, I can rough it for a few days.  But I do enjoy a nice, hot bubble bath.  And regular showers are a must.  Also, who doesn't like flush toilets? 

Do you really like question lists like these?
Don't hate 'em, don't love 'em.  But just about everything is okay in moderation, right?

So now I need to come up with eleven new questions.  Here they are:

1. Did you have an imaginary friend when you were a kid?  Details, please!

2.  Ever seen a ghost?  Met a psychic?  Had a prophetic dream?  Just about everyone, even if you don't really believe, has had some sort of supernatural experience.  What's one of yours?

3. What is your biggest addiction?

4. What do you want to be when you grow up?

5. What was the last concert you went to?

6. What was the last movie you watched?

7.  Beatles or Stones?  Why?

8. If you could be invisible for twenty-four hours, what would you do?

9. You're on death row.  What do you request for your last meal?

10. We all have a few regrets in life.  What's the number one thing you regret NOT doing?

11. You ran off and joined the circus.  What's your act?

And now, I have to tag eleven poor suckers lucky souls to continue this madness.  Let's see...

  1. Katherine
  2. Janet
  3. Stranger
  4. Rainbow
  5. G-Man
  6. Brian
  7. Monkey Man
  8. Tulpen
  9. Steve
  10. YOU, if you're reading this and want to play
  11. Eric, because you didn't say no tag-backs, and I'd love to see you answer my questions (PS - I *am* calling no tag-backs...ha!)
Who's with me?


Katherine Krige said...

oh man! I am going to have to think on this, but I suspect you might get an answer or two in the next little while.

And I so agree with you that changing one little thing can sometimes change it all. There is a reason we are where we are. Best to figure that out, then go back and have to figuer out some whole new kettle of fish.

Brian Miller said...

i could do without indoor plumbing....but the pizza and beer sounds good....and oddly i am wondering why i should be ashamed of black eyed peas...where is the love?

tulpen said...

I love the event in history you changed!

I just *might* play along!

Cheryl said...

Funny how none of this surprised me one little bit. I love the way you actually gave some thought to what you'd change in history in terms of consequences. I'd definitely have given a knee-jerk response to that with JFK's assassination. Johnson did so much good for so many. I'm not convinced JFK could have pushed through the administration's agenda the way LBJ pulled it off.

Eric (Bubba) Alder said...

I'm glad you played along, Corrie. Some people were too busy, others too disinterested.

(Indoor plumbing ranks pretty high on my list too!)

Since I forgot to say "no tag-backs" (Darn it!) I guess the least I can do is be a good sport and answer your questions.

(But I won't tag anybody else or created 11 MORE questions AGAIN!)

Monkey Man said...

Hmmm...let me get back to you on this.

Monkey Man said...
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